A python tool to identify peptides that are naturally processed by the MHC-I pathway.

# Import the predictor class 
from mhc_np.prediction import Predictor 

# Instantiate a predictor 
p = Predictor() 

# Compute predictions 
p.predict('HLA_A_0201', ['AAALSQALRL', 'KLWQTPLHV', 'FVSTMPVET']) 

The Python package can be downloaded here: MHC-NP-1.0.tar.gz.

The tool is now hosted on the Immune Epitope Database website

Sébastien Giguère, Alexandre Drouin, Alexandre Lacoste, Mario Marchand, Jacques Corbeil, and François Laviolette. “MHC-NP: Predicting peptides naturally processed by the MHC.” Journal of immunological methods 400 (2013): 30-36.